Engagement Style

Managing operations efficiently is now a business necessity, not an aspiration. Deferring investments, cutting back on the workforce and budget trimming have become the default responses to a challenging business environment, whether an established business faced with a need to change or a start-up that can’t afford to fail an integrated approach is required; One driven by the pursuit of operational excellence (OE) and where technology is a key enabler.

An approach Where everyone is proactively making better informed decisions, reducing risk, reducing costs and improving productivity. An approach founded on simplicity that provides a simple elegant way of connecting people. One that closes the knowledge gaps between disparate geographies and business processes. One where a shared understanding of risk provides a robust foundation upon which activities can be budgeted, planned and prioritised. Successful delivery comes from connecting the plan to the reality of daily operations; internally and out across an extended supply chain.

At Moonshot Strategies our approach to creating success and sustainable growth is founded on 3 core elements:

Alignment - connecting people with strategy and promoting cross functional thinking to develop capability.

Collaboration - internally, with customers and through the extended supply chain to leverage capability.

Simplification - embracing simplicity to enable greater efficiency, agility and improved time to market.

We believe simplicity has value, embracing simplicity enables greater efficiency, agility and flexibility reducing costs and improving time to market. While Simplicity doesn’t look the same for everyone, Simplicity is about being easy to understand, transparent & honest, free from pretence and without unnecessary embellishments. Achieving simplicity requires a degree of diligence and discipline built around alignment and collaboration. We balance the project management aspects ensuring solutions are designed, developed and delivered, with the change management aspects to ensure solutions are effectively embraced, adopted and used.

We work with your teams to embed change management capability into your processes, projects and leadership competencies. Through rigorous application this capability ensures your initiative sponsors have the skills to guide your implementation teams, who in turn understand what they need to pull from the sponsors in order to be successful. Resulting in individuals who embrace change more effectively, and ultimately an organisation that is more agile and able to respond to market changes, embrace strategic initiatives, and adopt evolving technology more quickly and with less disruption.

Simply stated simplicity works. It works across functions, across geographies, across your supply chain and end to end through your customer journeys. When confronted with complex or difficult decisions, we revert to our primitive instincts of fight or flight, often deciding it’s far too complicated to be worthwhile. Through a blend of transformation consulting, a portfolio of enterprise apps and world class training we focus on delivering practical and lasting solutions, that convert recommendations into action. We partner with our clients to help accelerate business potential to ensure they remain relevant, successful and responsible and support their change & operational delivery teams in defining robust implementation plans from objectives & through to return on investment and benefits realisation. We focus not just on the technical aspects of change but also the adoption and people side of the initiatives to ensure maximum value is delivered.

Our solutions are focused in three specific areas:

Strategy Execution


Governance, Risk and Compliance


Supply Chain & OE


We operate a high touch client engagement model which we adapt to meet the needs of each individual client. Our engagement with clients ranges from delivering fully managed transition programs, to helping them with address problems with their existing systems and ways of working.

To ensure maximum client flexibility our engagement model is built on four areas; each stage can be consumed individually or combined as a full life cycle experience. We view every engagement as an opportunity to create value; our objectives are always the same. Build alignment, foster collaboration and drive simplification to transform the stakeholder experience, simplify the technology environment and reduce operating costs in order to secure positive business outcomes.

Discovery - Validating clients business requirements and quantifying the impact that meeting them would have on the business. Discovery services are completely industry agnostic and focus purely on the client's current situation, the issues and implications associated with it, the overall requirements, and the financial outcome if they meet those requirements.

Design - Taking the client's business requirements and creating comprehensive functional requirements. Design services consider the current state, the functional requirements and design solutions which allow the client to meet their business requirements in the most effective manner for the short, medium and long term.

Delivery - Building a detailed implementation plan from current state to the agreed solution. Delivery Services provide clients with a fully managed service around the execution of projects. Single point of accountability ensures that any delivery service we commit to is delivered on time, on budget and above the client expectations.

Optimisation - Providing support and optimisation services on a contracted basis governed by a service level agreement. Optimisation services provide clients with a single point of accountability for the management and optimisation of individual areas of the business, supported by enterprise apps, training or advisory services.