From Pollution to Solution

We are an authorised distributor of SulNOx advanced, proprietary fuel additives. These additives are unique and made from natural, biodegradable ingredients; reducing the production of harmful, environmentally damaging greenhouse gas emissions.

Liquid Fuel Decarbonisation

Despite the growing emphasis on renewable energy sources and efforts to reduce carbon emissions, there remains a need for liquid fuels in various sectors of the global economy. Liquid fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, and kerosene, will continue to play a critical for many years to come. Replacing liquid fuels is a long term, capital-intensive socio- political challenge. We offer an immediate solution that will reduce emissions, deliver financial savings every single day until there is a viable alternative

Consumers of hydrocarbon liquid fuels should consider incorporating SulNOx as part of decarbonising and cost saving responsibilities.  If you are using hydrocarbon liquid fuels across 

  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • Oil Reclamation
  • Mining
  • Generators
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Mining
Fuel Storage
Contact us for more information, to find out how SulNOx can play an integral part in helping you reduce emissions, reduce costs and avoid greenwashing your ESG goals.

Using fuel additives is not a new concept. They have been used for many decades to address various issues related to fuel quality, engine performance, and emissions control. The development and use of fuel additives have a long history, and their application has evolved over time in response to changing technologies, regulations, and environmental concerns. Typically they are separte products offering solutions to disparte issues from Octane Boosters (Gasoline Additives), Cetane Improvers (Diesel Additives), Fuel Stabilizers, Fuel System Cleaners, Anti-Knock Agents, Emission Reducers, Lubricity Additives, Biodiesel Additives.

The Problem

Traditional fuel additives are fossil fuel based, often formulated from waste refinery products such as naphthalene or xylene. They work in the same way as adding lighter fluid to a fire to make the combustion of fuel burn harder and brighter. It is simply adding fossil fuels to the problem of fossil fuels. This is not a solution for decarbonisation; it simply masks the real problem of poorly combusted fuel by increasing octane rating/cetane points which are not green credentials.

The Solution

SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner is a unique, advanced fuel additive made from natural, biodegradable ingredients that reduces fuel consumption, maintenance & downtime costs and the production of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Simply add SulNOxEco™ to the fuel tank before filling up with fuel and SulNOxEco™ will scavenge free water from your system – the resultant homogenous fuel will remain stable for months in the tank
  • SulNOxEco™ reduces corrosion and clears residue, improves efficiency and modifies the flame characteristics, thus heavily reducing emissions, and significantly reducing fuel costs whilst remaining fully compliant
  • Improved lubricity, which helps maintain the condition of fuel pumps and injectors – a substantial reduction in engine wear and maintenance costs
  • Improved engine oil and bearing life by the reduction of soot and acid combustion by-products that blow by the piston rings
  • Reduces corrosion from ethanol (E10) and extends the life of fuel hoses, fuel pumps, fuel dampers, seals, gaskets, diaphragms and other rubber parts

What we Offer ...

SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner is a green product made with naturally occurring ingredients, it is readily bio-degradable and compatible with all petrol/gasoline, diesel  & other ‘light fuels’ including biofuels.

A solution to age-old fuel problems

The genesis of the SulNOx products is different to a typical fuel additive; as they are not derived from distillates of fossil fuels, and are made with natural, biodegradable ingredients.

The revolutionary SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioners improve the combustion profile of light fuels including Gasoline, regular Diesel, Marine Diesel Oil (MDO), Marine Gas Oil (MGO), Biofuels including Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils (HVO) and Kerosene.

All round savings

Emissions reduced: Significant reductions in SOx, NOx, CO, CO2 and particulate matter

Fuel efficiency increased: improved fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs (8-10% in Euro 6 and older commercial vehicles), equates to real world financial savings.

SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioners

The SulNOx advanced, proprietary fuel additives are unique and made from natural, biodegradable ingredients; reducing the production of harmful, environmentally damaging greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, the detergent properties remove deposit build-ups, clean the filters, fuel lines, EGR systems and other engine parts whilst adding >30% lubricity into the fuel, reducing wear.

Simple to use and immediately effective, SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner enhances all diesel, petrol and biofuels by improving the burn profile, therefore reducing emissions whilst saving users money.

Compliant with international fuel standards

Manufactured by EcoVadis platinum medal winning Nouryon BV, SulNOxEco™ fuel Conditioner is certified to comply with, and not alter, the specification of any of these fuel types:

Diesel type fuels including

  • EN590
  • EN16709
  • ASTM D975 
  • IS1460
Petrol/gasoline type fuels including
  • EN228 (E5 and E10)
  • ASTM D4814
  • IS2896
SulNOxEco™ Diesel Conditioner
SulNOxEco™ Petrol Conditioner

Product Features and Benefits

  • Reduced fuel consumption (8 - 10%)
  • Reduction in maintenance costs (1-2% average)
  • Reduction in downtime for fleet vehicles
  • Reduction in fuel storage costs
  • Compatible with Petrol/Gasoline, White Diesel, Red Diesel, Marine Diesel Oil (MDO), Marine Gas Oil (MGO), Kerosene and Biofuels including Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils (HVO).
  • Reduced fossil fuel consumption
  • Significant reduction in emissions, NOx, CO & CO2 output
  • Decarbonisation - less smoke, soot and harmful particulate matter (PMs)
  • Improvement in air quality (PM10 reduced > 50% and PM2.5 > 60%)
  • Detergents and surfactants increase fuel lubricity, reducing engine wear
  • Reduced fouling of ignition, diesel filters and fuelling components
  • Lowered exhaust temperature and quieter engine
  • Reduced contamination of engine oil Increased  engine and turbo life
  • Significantly reduces Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system load.

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