Off the shelf applications for Governance Risk & Compliance 

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App Description
The RAID (Risks, Actions, Insights, Decisions) Register app is used to identify, manage, and resolve Issues.  It is a core application for any business operation or project team, as it provides the basis for tracking performance improvement actions, collaborating across functions and key stakeholders, and sharing knowledge or insights.
GRC EXPERTS The GRC Experts app provides a list of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)across the business and external consultant community. Who are they, what is their type and skill level, what is their ambition and what are their short, medium and long-term goals?
The Risk Appetite app identifies key areas of risk across the business and sets control limits for Red and Amber status. This provides a guiding framework for all formal Internal Audit and Compliance activities across the business. Areas which break ‘upper control limits’ are automatically escalated to the Board.
Gantt Chart.png The ERM Maturity assessment app is used to assess or audit all aspects of Enterprise Risk Management including: Strategic, Operational and Program Risk Management. It is based on a Capability Maturity Model CMM where the current ‘as is’ and future ‘to be’ states are identified, and improvement projects planned and monitored through to completion.
The Risk Register app is a list of risks or potential problems across a business unit or team, and is used to capture and mitigate Strategic, Operational and Program risks. This advanced app is based on the most robust assumption-analysis process and delivers a Monte Carlo scenario analysis that can be used in other functions.
The Operational Excellence Blueprint app is a strategic planning tool that provides the capability to plan the vision for the integrated end-to-end Supply Chain, set short, medium & long-term goals and to assess the current state or ‘maturity’ of the business in terms of OE processes, systems, people and culture.
The Key Performance Indicator app is used for tracking the performance of any business unit, function, process or team. It monitors and reports on monthly indicators, compared then against expectations using a five point scale and assesses trends and current status (Red = major concerns and corrective action required, Amber = risks that need to be monitored closely, and Green = on-track).
The Workplan app is a ‘plan on a page’ that captures areas of non-compliance and opportunities for performance improvement, which are subsequently tracked through a systematic approach from idea screening and prioritisation to closure and return-on-investment.
Use the Audit Universe app to assess key business areas and functions with regard to Design and Efficiency standards.  The Audit Universe identifies the priority and timing for each Audit.  This app is linked to the Tests app and to the Issues (or Findings) app to provide a complete Audit solution.
Presentation.png The GRC Review Board app is used to plan, track and report on regular (weekly, monthly and annual) Review Meetings or special events. This may include formal Internal Audit or Compliance audits, program risk activities, or even quarterly supplier reviews. 
  The Visual Dashboards consolidates key performance charts, reports and data from across all GRC activities to provide the Executive team with real-time information and insights. Dashboards are digital, available to view on any device from PCs to tablets and smart phones,and can be fed from intelligent devices .
The Audit Tests app is used to plan, implement and monitor the specific tests to be completed as part of each Audit. Test are divided into:Test of Design, Test of Efficiency and Test of Compliance. Red and Amber status against any Test will result in specific Issues (or findings) that will need to be addressed.
Page Overview 4.png The Audit Findings / Issues (or RAID) app is used to capture, manage and track Risks, Actions, Insights and Decisions. It is a core application for any team and provides the basis for tracking performance, collaborating across teams or key stakeholders, and capturing and sharing knowledge.
The Best Practice (Assessment) app is used to assess or audit core processes across the business from Logistics, Manufacturing and Integrated Planning to HR, Finance and Sales. It is structured as a Capability Maturity Model (CMM) where Performance Levers, components of each core process, are assessed using a five point ‘maturity’ scale; from ‘not-defined’ to ‘best practice’. Red and Amber indicators are then used to identify opportunities for performance improvement.
The Process Audit app is used to identify core business processes,assess strategic alignment and operational excellence, and capture process maps for ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ states. It is a generic tool that can be used across the entire value chain,from customers to suppliers, and from HR to Finance.
The Project Audit (or Quick Assumption Checklist QAC) app assesses the Risk profile for all projects across the business. The Project Audit allows all projects to be assessed using a common set of criteria based on best practice assumptions (ie the things that need to happen in order for any project to be successful). Address areas of concern (Red and Amber indicators) using the Workplan app.
The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Audit app provides a structured approach to the routine assessment of key areas of the business. Unlike the Best Practice Assessments app, GMP Audits are often conducted on a weekly / monthly basis using tablets as part of a ‘walk-around’ or Gemba of a specific area of the business unit.
 The Checklist app provides a checklist of compliance and performance for all parts of the business. Use this to track and report on daily / weekly / monthly reporting of any team, function or process.
  info: All apps work standalone, integrate in single platform to build solutions and will integrate via APIs.