Off the shelf applications for Strategy Execution

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App Description
The SWOT app captures changes in the external business environment (Political, Economic, Society, Technology, Environmental or Legal) using the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities or Threats themes.
The RAID (Risks, Actions, Insights, Decisions) Register app is used to identify, manage, and resolve Issues.  It is a core application for any business operation or project team, as it provides the basis for tracking performance improvement actions, collaborating across functions and key stakeholders, and sharing knowledge or insights.
The Business Blueprint app is a strategic planning tool based on the Business Model Canvas that provides an assessment of the health of an entrepreneurial business unit or team based on best practices.  It provides the basis of any performance improvement program and acts as an 'Investment Readiness' checklist.
The Propositions app captures details about products and services and presents an on-line register/catalogue of all offerings or outputs from a business unit or team.  It is also used to enable an end-of-year Keep-Invest-Change-Kill (KICK) review.
The Pillars app provides a list of key stakeholders, who are the people that will drive performance. Included in this list are Customers, Suppliers and Internal Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Each will need to be assessed in terms of importance and degree of advocacy in order to determine the level of support needed.
The PRM Performance Review Meeting app is used to plan, track and report on regular (weekly, monthly and annual) Performance Review Meetings PRMs or special team activities. Each event needs clear objectives, an agenda and chairperson as well as capturing outputs in the form of actions.
The Key Performance Indicator app is used for tracking the performance of any business unit, function, process or team. It monitors and reports on monthly indicators, compared then against expectations using a five point scale and assesses trends and current status (Red = major concerns and corrective action required, Amber = risks that need to be monitored closely, and Green = on-track).
The Workplan app is a ‘plan on a page’ that captures areas of non-compliance and opportunities for performance improvement, which are subsequently tracked through a systematic approach from idea screening and prioritisation to closure and return-on-investment (RoI).
Use the P-Plan (Performance  Planning) app to align individual objectives with the overall goals of the business, and then to review both performance and capabilities as they evolve throughout  the  year. The P-Plan can be used as part of a formal employee performance management process or on an informal basis when pulling new teams together.
  info: All apps work standalone, integrate in single platform to build solutions and will integrate via APIs.