Supply Chain & Operational Excellence

Businesses in all sectors face increasing competition where margins are tight, and constantly seek opportunities to drive effectiveness & efficiency. However, legacy IT systems are often no longer fit-for-purpose, inflexible or expense to adapt, resulting in Excel-based applications that are not secure, not scalable, not mobile, not integrated, not supported, time consuming in terms of maintenance and collaborative working.

This suite of apps provides a complete solution to optimise your supply chain activities and sustain improvements across your business. The OE toolkit provides business process applications that support the implementation and embedding of best practices for Supply Chain & Operational Excellence. .

Choose one or more of the off-the-shelf apps, each is capable of working stand-alone or can be fully aligned and integrated into existing systems via APIs. Try it free for upto 30 days, after which time you can carry on with the solution as is, talk to us about tailoring to your specific needs, integration with existing systems, data migration and setup.

For an off the shelf app we can have you up and running from £20 per user per month. Our apps can be configured and deployed in hours.  All apps are instantly secure, scalable, and accessible from any device running a modern web browser from PC to smartphone - anywhere anytime. Talk to us about tailored solutions and custom app build.

The only thing that is fixed in our thinking is the idea that "better is possible", we tailor our solutions to align with your needs and focus on accelerating your journey towards better.

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Plan your overall OE approach, set a strategy for your OE program and agree Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are displayed in a Visual Dashboard and confirm whether you are on track.


Assess current performance using various assessment and audit apps that identify areas of non-conformance, and identify the overall Performance Improvement Potential.


Improve performance through advanced problem solving, improvement projects, and OE Champions up and down the business.


Govern the overall OE program and provide key Executives with the visibility and control they need.