Off the shelf applications for Supply Chain and Operational Excellence

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The RAID (Risks, Actions, Insights, Decisions) Register app is used to identify, manage, and resolve Issues.  It is a core application for any business operation or project team, as it provides the basis for tracking performance improvement actions, collaborating across functions and key stakeholders, and sharing knowledge or insights
The Operational Excellence (OE) Blueprint app is a strategic planning tool that provides the capability to plan the vision for the integrated end-to-end Supply Chain,set short, medium and long-term goals and to assess the current state or ‘maturity’ of the business in terms of OE processes, systems, people and culture.
The OE Champions app gives a full register of all the Operational Excellence resources by location and capability level –yellow belts, green belts and black belts –to make sure that the business has the right people in the right place to achieve its performance improvement goals. It guides personal skills development planning and aligns this activity to the core functional processes to make sure that OE champions are deployed across all key business areas.
The Key Performance Indicator app (or Visual Dashboard) is used for tracking and reporting on the performance of any part of the operations or extended supply chain. It monitors and reports on monthly indicators, and escalated Red and Amber indicators using workflow driven notifications. Data feeds can be manual entered, imported via csv documents or linked dynamically using APIs.
The Best Practice (Assessment) app is used to assess or audit core processes across the business from Logistics, Manufacturing and Integrated Planning to HR, Finance and Sales. It is structured as a Capability Maturity Model (CMM) where Performance Levers, components of each core process, are assessed using a five point ‘maturity’ scale; from ‘not-defined’ to ‘best practice’. Red and Amber indicators are then used to identify opportunities for performance improvement.
The Visual Dashboards consolidates key performance charts, reports and data from inside and outside the business to provide the Executive team with real-time information and insights on which to base decisions. Dashboards are digital, available to view on any device from PCs to tablets and smart phones, and can be fed from intelligence devices as part of the Internet of Things IoT.
The OE Review Board app is used to plan, track and report on regular (monthly / annual) Review Meetings or special events. This includes assessments and audits, supplier reviews, and monthly Performance Review Meetings (PRMs). Priorities can be agreed, decisions analysed and actions agreed using the RAID app.
Use the 8D Problem Analysis app to capture, mitigate, assess, identify root cause and permanently fix complex business problems following the simple 8-step process.8D is a process used extensively across the automotive and aerospace industries, and is often used as the basis on which supplier related problems are managed using a common process.
The Improvements or Projects app is a 'plan on a page' that captures opportunities for performance improvement (strategic changes, new products, new market entry) and tracks them through a systematic approach. It covers the cycle from idea screening and prioritisation; planning and implementation; through to closure and measurement of the return-on-investment (ROI).
The Scenarios app or Strategic Risk Register provides a register of scenarios, risks or potential problems across the business and its extended supply chain. It is used to capture, identify and mitigate the priority business, operational and program scenarios (opportunities and risks). It is based on assumption-analysis and includes Monte Carlo scenario planning.
The Supplier Audit app enables the structured assessment of key suppliers to the business. Each supplier is assessed using a performance, compliance & capability framework that identifies and prioritises opportunities for performance improvement –and improvement plans to be jointly agreed and implemented.
The Process Audit app is used to identify core business processes, assess strategic alignment and operational excellence, and capture process maps for ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ states. It is a generic tool that can be used across the entire value chain,from customers to suppliers, and from HR to Finance.
The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Audit app provides a structured approach to the routine assessment of key areas of the business from logistics and warehousing to manufacturing and planning. GMP Audits are often conducted using tablets as part of a ‘walk-around’ or Gemba of a specific area of the business unit.
The Capex Assess app provides a register of all the capital assets within a business. It enables quick identification and tracking of business-critical assets by type and location. This facilitates the process of routine inspections, and preventive / proactive maintenance plans.

info: All apps work standalone, integrate in single platform to build solutions and will integrate via APIs.