Brand Experience

Understand your market, your brand performance, and your competitors better than ever before. With easy-to-use tools to help you:

  • Strengthen brand equity
  • Improve brand perceptions
  • drive sustainable growth

What is Brand Experience?

Iconic brands have people lining up round the block when they launch new products, charge a premium over their competitors, and elicit unwavering loyalty from their customers. Brand experience is how you take control of your most important asset and optimise it to identify new opportunities for growth, attract new customers and drive loyalty and spend. Our easy-to-use tools help you monitor your brand, your market, and your competitors to make it easy to find breakthrough insights to turn your brand into a religion.

Brand awareness 

Brand equity 

Advertising & creative development

Brand strategy research

Segmentation & positioning

Value propositions

All your brand’s vital signs, all in one place

Track every data point that matters from market trends to competitor analysis, brand awareness, and more. We make it easy to see all your data over time so you know exactly where to focus your attention to grow your brand.

  • Instant - Launch expert-designed brand studies in minutes
  • Embedded - Connect real-time brand insights to your data, your people and your processes.
  • Adaptable - Quickly and easily customise your brand studies and see your results in real time.

Stay one step ahead with advanced analytics

Expert-designed, straight out of the box.

Get your Brand Experience program up and running instantly with expert-designed surveys, on-demand panels and pre-built dashboards on every device.

  • Built directly into the Qualtrics platform
  • Includes surveys, dashboards and detailed analysis
  • Tested in some of the world’s most successful organisations and customised for your industry
  • Easily launch best-in-class brand equity tracking studies, creative tests, and a number of other solutions

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