Customer Experience

Turn customers into fanatics

Real-time customer insights that lead to action across the entire organisation. Deliver breakthrough customer experiences with the most powerful, agile Experience Management Platform™ .

Start conversations with your customers how and when they prefer — email, SMS, web, mobile apps, wearables, IoT devices, and more

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience (CX) is the total perception someone has of your organisation. It’s the cumulation of all the various experiences customers have with your company, and can help:

  • Improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Increase customer share of wallet
  • Optimise customer acquisition
  • Reduce cost to serve
  • Increase brand awareness and equity

You can improve the customer experience by using customer experience management tools to monitor how customers feel, identify areas where you can improve, and acting on customer experience feedback to put those improvements into place. With a good customer experience strategy in place, you can hear the voice of customers at every interaction that matters and invest in new ways of working to deliver breakthrough customer experiences that deliver back to your bottom line.

Built to master the 3 core elements of CX Success

  • Hear and understand every customer, at every meaningful touchpoint
  • Predictive insights at your fingertips
  • Go beyond insights and drive actions that transform the organisation

Get a complete picture of your customer experience with powerful AI automatically reviewing all phone calls, social media, third-party review sites and frontline employees. And with XM directory, you can bring all your experience and operational data into one customer-centric system of record.

All your feedback is automatically analysed by Qualtrics iQ to uncover trends, patterns and make powerful predictions about customer behaviour. Tailored insights and recommended actions are automatically generated and delivered straight to the right people, so they can focus on the actions that will drive customer satisfaction, spend, and loyalty.

Respond to customers quickly and deliver new, breakthrough experiences with tools that help you turn insights into actions. From action planning tools and closed-loop ticketing to integrations with all your existing operational systems and software, such as and JIRA, you’ll be able to deliver actions to the right person in organisation and embed customer centricity throughout the organisation.

Strengthen your most valuable customer relationships

Increase revenue and decrease churn with all your Experience Data (X-Data) and Operational Data (O-Data) on a single platform. The Qualtrics B2B Command Center gives you a complete view of every account — what’s going well, what’s not, and recommended actions to improve.

Account managers see all their accounts on a single dashboard and can drill down into individual accounts. Zoom out and see a bird’s-eye view of all your accounts including powerful churn predictions, key drivers and recommended next steps to reduce churn, increase loyalty and boost revenue.

With integrations into your existing CRM, you’ll always have the right information at the right moment to deliver breakthrough results.

4 benefits of CustomerXM

  • Manage accounts strategically with a single view of clients’ X- and O-Data for each account manager
  • See at a glance which accounts need urgent action to improve the experience
  • Make powerful predictions about customer churn and take action before it happens
  • Track every activity with powerful integrations into CRM systems from SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and homegrown APIs

Out of the box

Engage customers on their terms

Future-proof your business

You can start delivering breakthrough experiences as soon as your CX program takes flight with certified XM solutions just for B2B. Straight out of the box and ready to use, they include expert designed content, best-in-class workflows, and automation programs.

Monitor and optimise each interaction over time, across every touchpoint, and every channel with dynamic data collection tools that seamlessly adapt to user behaviour in real time.

Bring together X-Data and O-Data with integrations into your CRM to uncover insights deep inside your data and make powerful predictions about what your customers will do next with iQ, our predictive intelligence engine.

Expert-designed, straight out of the box

Get your CX program up and running faster with XM Solutions—expert-designed solutions featuring proven methodology, guided workflows and time-saving automation.

  • Includes all your feedback collection, dashboards and program road-maps
  • Tested in some of the world’s most successful organisations and customised for your industry
  • Easy-to-launch relational, transactional and full-journey customer experience programs

The October 2019 Qualtrics-commissioned study The Total Economic Impact™ of Qualtrics CustomerXM, conducted by Forrester Consulting, found that a composite organisation, based on Qualtrics customers using the customer experience solution, achieved:

  • 633% return on investment over three years
  • Benefits equaling $38.4M, with a net present value of $33.2M
  • $24.5M in improved customer care support and service
  • $12.3M in increased customer retention and reduced cost of acquisition
  • $1.7M in avoided costs of previous surveys and analytics tools
  • A payback period of less than 3 months