Employee Exeperience

Turn employees into ambassadors - EmployeeXM takes the world’s leading people science and makes it available to every organisation. Our powerful, easy-to-use platform automatically surfaces personalised actions for every leader so everyone plays a part in building an employee experience that attracts, engages and retains the best people—ultimately delivering returns back to the bottom line.

What is Employee Experience?

Employee experience drives employees to join, contribute to and ultimately become brand ambassadors for their organisations. Employee experience has evolved from just satisfaction and engagement to a more holistic view of the experiences and interactions employees have at various stages of the employee lifecycle—whether that’s manager interactions, on-boarding, promotion feedback, overall engagement or feelings about culture, diversity and more. An effective employee experience program creates happier, more-engaged and better-developed employees while also driving business outcomes like reduced attrition, higher revenue and increased customer satisfaction.

Put people at the heart  of your business

  • Engagement - Uncover the insights managers and leaders need to close experience gaps and improve engagement.
  • Pulse - Get faster, more frequent feedback and act quickly to make improvements.
  • Training & assessment - Optimise training to develop employees and deliver tangible results in performance and development.
  • On-boarding - Get new hires up to speed faster with improved ramp times, productivity and early engagement.
  • Exit - Reduce attrition with an automated exit feedback system that helps you understand the actions that will retain your best people.
  • 360 development - Develop your top performers with automated, entirely configurable 360, 180 and self-assessment evaluations.
  • Benefits Optimiser - Identify what’s most important to your people with in-depth studies to identify the ideal benefits package to suit your budget.

Holistic X+O View

Understand the full lifecycle with connected X+O data

We combine an end-to-end view of your employee experience data (X-data) and operational data (O-data) across the full employee lifecycle. This unique, holistic approach enables you to predict and prioritise closing the experience gaps that are most likely to reduce attrition and increase engagement.